Medicaid Lawyer

Medicaid is complex. After 45 years in existence, Medicaid has gradually grown in its ambitions and scale of operations. Although families and individuals are supposed to be able to overcome Medicaid’s potential hurdles on their own, a Medicaid lawyer can make a significant difference. Choosing to consult with a lawyer who has Medicaid experience can help to ensure that people receive the maximum amount of benefits available.

Because the federal government only sets broad guidelines for Medicaid, each state manages their own Medicaid program. This means that people must contend with 50 different states’ requirements for Medicaid. People who choose to move while on Medicaid can find themselves lost and confused. A lawyer who specializes in Medicaid can make the transition easier.

Because of the increasing ages of the baby boomer generation, late middle aged people and the elderly are reaching retirement. Nursing home care is one of the most common areas for a person enrolled in Medicaid to make a mistake.

A Medicaid lawyer can help people determine the maximum assets and income level that they can have and still is eligible for Medicaid’s assistance with nursing home care. This may be known as Medicaid planning in some states. People who transfer assets or income without consulting a lawyer may incur penalties. Such penalties typically mean that people are barred from being approved for Medicaid for a certain period of days. Making this kind of mistake can leave people with no assets or income as well as still being unapproved for Medicaid.

In addition to nursing home care, Medicaid applications can be difficult to understand. The length of time it takes to be approved can make it difficult to keep accurate records throughout the process. A lawyer can handle all necessary application records. If there are any uncertainties about assets or income, a lawyer can ensure that people do not fill out an application improperly and receive a rejection. A rejection can set applicants back weeks or even months.

Because Medicaid is designed to only cover medical care that is “necessary and reasonable”, treatments may be declined at times. Medicine can be an imprecise field on occasion and opinions may vary between doctors and Medicaid. A doctor’s opinion of what is “necessary and reasonable” may not be shared by Medicaid. An experienced and impartial lawyer can help a client gather the evidence to appeal if medical care has been denied by Medicaid. An appeal allows a client to attempt to convince Medicaid that a treatment is “necessary and reasonable”, even if it was initially denied.

When it comes to navigating Medicaid’s system, it can be difficult for families or individuals to know exactly what steps to take to maximize their benefits. A Medicaid lawyer can ensure that people receive the benefits that they deserve. With recurring or sudden medical bills forcing more people into financial hardship, Medicaid’s benefits can be the difference between bankruptcy and surviving. For making the best use of Medicaid, people should consult a Medicaid lawyer.