Questions About Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B Information

Medicare is a government run health care program provided for those over the age of 65 and also for people under the age of 65 who have certain disabilities. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, each year more people require Medicare and Medicare Part B.

Even though combined Medicare services cover around 40 million people across the United States, the Medicare process sometimes confuses consumers. When one is ill and in need of Medicare services a lot of questions may arise about the programs and plans available. Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions about Medicare Part B.

What is Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B was created to provide beneficiaries with medical insurance to pay for a variety of products and procedures not covered under Medicare Part A. Generally speaking Medicare Part B would was meant to replace medical insurance for doctor visits, checkups, and costs that could arise out of those situations

What does Medicare Part B cover?

According to the government Medicare website, Medicare Part B is considered medical insurance for beneficiaries. Medicare provides up to 80% coverage on needed medical services. These include several areas:

• Outpatient Care

• Doctor’s Visits

• Home Health Services

• Preventive Services in some cases

• other services Medicare Part A does not cover

Medicare Part B has one standard cost to use these services. As of 2010, the United States Social Security

Service states this standard cost is $110.50 per month. However, in some cases your

monthly cost will be determined by your modified adjusted gross income. This income combines

your taxable income and your tax exempt interest income. A tax preparer will be able to explain further details regarding your income. If the combined modified adjusted gross income

is higher than the allowable amount of income by Medicare Part B, then you will pay a higher monthly fee.

Your local social security office can give also give you further information. Social security will also contact you if your payment amount is higher than the standard monthly fee.

Who is Eligible for Medicare Part B?

Not everyone is eligible for Medicare part B. Eligibility depends on meeting one of the criteria’s listed below. Benefits start automatically with ALS eligibility. You will receive a sign up card before your 65th birthday or after a certain disability. It is important to remember to send the card back in order to receive Medicare Part B. Failure to do so results in being charged for the services.

• You have ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Anyone with this disease automatically gets Part B

• You are under age 65 and have a disability

• You get retirement benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board

• You get Social Security benefits

Medicare Part B provides important preventive services to help maintain a person’s health and to keep certain illnesses from getting worse. Medicare was created to provide senior citizens in America with reliable and affordable health care. Before a publicly funded insurance program was enacted, senior citizens relied mostly on organizations such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield to provide them with affordable health care. Rising costs from these organizations were the reason for Medicare’s development. With Medicare Part B covering 80% of medical services, a large burden can be lifted off the shoulders for those who are in need of care.